Inspiration Day on international projects (2018)

The first Inspiration Day was held in November 2018, as an initiative of Iganga in collaboration with Young Goudappel, under the flag of Excellent Cities. No less than 70 Goudappel employees are younger than 35 and have a whole future ahead of them. A significant number of them are interested in what we could learn from other countries, or what the Netherlands has to offer as inspiration for big cities in Western countries and in developing countries. Cities are getting bigger and bigger all over the world, resulting in all kinds of consequences regarding sustainability, liveability of neighborhoods and accessibility of jobs.

Excellent Cities is a program aiming to achieve better cities. Goudappel Coffeng and Move Mobility are partners in this program, each supplying their program director. DAT.mobility and Iganga are active under the flag of Goudappel. Move Mobility is a partner that works mainly in developing countries or in rapidly developing cities. Goudappel is becoming more and more active in Europe and more recently across the Atlantic.

The first Inspiration Day was held on a Friday afternoon and evening, November 16, 2018. Several colleagues spoke about 7 world cities where they have worked or are currently working on projects: Kampala, Uganda (Anne Abbing), Sweden (Lucas van de Linde), Mexico (Carolina) Ramos), USA (Ilse Galama), Iran (Reyhaneh Safari), Germany (Richard ter Avest) and Bethlehem, Palestine (Ruxandra Aelenei). They were interesting presentations and the afternoon was considered successful. We are looking forward to organizing a second Inspiration Day in June 2019.



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