Study trip to Kampala and Jinja, Uganda (2018)

Kampala is the capital of Uganda. The city has 4 million inhabitants. From 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. there are traffic jams on almost all roads in this capital city. Due to urbanization and autonomous growth, the traffic flow problem will only get bigger, if no modal shift towards more sustainable modes takes place.

Jinja is a smaller city with 170,000 inhabitants. This city is located east of Kampala. Unlike Kampala, this city has no current traffic problems. But, this city is also growing in terms of population and people are gradually getting richer. As a result, traffic flow problems on the main roads can be expected in the long run. It is striking that few residents use the bicycle as a means of transport.

Through Tonny Bosch (Move Mobility), several Ugandan projects have been submitted to the Iganga Foundation for evaluation. In order to better understand these projects and to partially take over and expand the network Tonny Bosch as build over the years, the Iganga board agreed that Anne Abbing and Tonny Bosch would go to Kampala from 6 to 11 November 2018. This way Anne was given insights in the following proposed projects:

  • Car Free Day Kampala. This project was granted the support from Iganga in 2018 (read more about this in Chapter 2 of this report)
  • Painting project by Nodrine Shaz. This project was also able to get support from Iganga in 2018 (read more about this in Chapter 2 of this report)
  • Cycling lessons for children, including the transport of children’s bicycles from the Netherlands to Kampala
  • Change perception on bicycles in Jinja

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