Best of both worlds (2018)

In 2018, Iganga supported the artist/student Nodrine Shaz in Uganda. She makes extraordinary paintings. The management of Goudappel has decided to put one of her paintings on the New Year’s card of 2019 with the text: “A better living environment”.

Goudappel Coffeng is a sustainable organization. Day in, day out, we contribute with our mobility knowledge to a better living environment. But how we work and live ourselves also bears witness to this. This year too, new initiatives have been launched that we fully support. Consider, for example, the new theme “climate and energy” and the Iganga Foundation, which made a new start in 2018. Iganga contributes to sustainable mobility in developing countries. It does this primarily by stimulating knowledge development and transfer. The front of the New Year card is from Nodrine Shaz. She uses the income from her paintings and photographs to pay for her studies.

The board of Iganga has decided to further support Nodrine in her painting and her studies. Iganga will do this by ordering paintings for several locations in the Netherlands or by putting them on the website encouraging website visitors to also submit requests.

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