Car Free Day Kampala (2019)

On Sunday, January 27, 2019, a car-free day took place in Kampala. This day was largely funded by the Iganga Foundation. Christine Kawuwa and Amanda Ngabirano of the UST Network have taken on the organization of the car-free day. The car free day was all about promoting sustainable mobility: residents could safely walk, skate and (learn to) cycle for free without being disturbed by motor vehicles. The positive aspects of cycling were revealed to residents via the ‘bicycle song’ and a promotional campaign. This is necessary for increasing bicycle use in Kampala, since the bicycle is still often associated with “a means of transport for poor people” and “a means of transport that causes women to lose their virginity.”

The day was a true success and started with a nice warm-up in the middle of Luwum Street. After that, people could cycle, walk and skate on Luwum Street between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm accompanied by music. Christine and Amanda speak of a very nice and successful day. They have the intention to regularly repeat the event in collaboration with Iganga.

Read the report: CAR FREE DAY 2019 REPORT Kampala


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