Online Course MOOC

Iganga is currently developing a MOOC (Online course) with TU Delft called: “Envisioning and developing bicycle-friendly cities”. We see that there are many challenges facing developing countries in terms of mobility. The aim of this MOOC is to share knowledge, so that these issues are better addressed in the future. The target group for this MOOC is students and policymakers from around the world, who want to gain a better insight into the mobility of their city and look for ways to tackle local issues.

In February 2018, the first steps were taken within Iganga towards the organization of a MOOC in collaboration with TU Delft. This was followed up from March to May in the form of exploratory talks with various parties such as TU Delft, Delft Global Initiative and the Ministry of I&W. This has resulted in a core team consisting of Iganga, TU Delft and Delft Global Initiative who have jointly expressed their wish to further shape the MOOC. These parties can all make a fundamental contribution (financially, experience and knowledge) in organizing a MOOC. Furthermore, these parties are enthusiastic about making a substantive contribution to get the project off the ground. A program with an appropriate budget and planning was developed in June 2018.

However, it appears that getting the funding from TU Delft takes longer than originally planned. During the submission of the subsidy proposal, it appears that a second MOOC is being organized at the TU. This MOOC has an overlap with the course we are developing so extra coordination is necessary. And with success, some substantive adjustments ensure that both MOOCs are complementary to each other and can be offered together. An On-Boardingday in November, organized by TU Delft, ensures further coordination with the other MOOC and together with “E-learning developer” Johannetta Gordijn, the program was detailed further, and the subsidy proposal has taken its final form. As soon as the financing from TU Delft is complete, the MOOC can start.

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