Online Iganga Design Studio

Due to the Covid-crisis in 2020, traveling between countries has been near to impossible. Since Iganga was not able to travel to some oversees countries, we decided to re-allocate the budget set aside for physical workshops abroad and explore a different approach to international support and cooperation. 

20 planners and designers from Goudappel and Move Mobility participated in the Iganga Design Studio on Wednesday 18 November 2021. The aim of the design studio was to create street designs for 4 cases from international cities around the world. The main focus is to design for safe and attractive streets, accessible for all. This means designing a street with good pedestrian and bicycle facilities, easy and safe crossings and in some cases facilities for bus stops and parking. This type of design Iganga sees as a reaction to the often wide roads, with a focus solely on car traffic, in fast growing cities in the Global South.

The following four cities were selected as case studies: Kampala in Africa, Yangon in Asia, Chiclayo in Latin America and San Francisco in the US. All cities have experienced totally different developments and the infrastructure available in these cities also differ.

After an introduction to design concepts, four design groups looked at the specific issues and possible design for their case. In the Kampala group, someone from the Mobility and Transport Department of the city of Kampala was also digitally present.

In a very short period of time, ambitions were set, networks developed and designs were made for the different streets. The designs were sent to our contacts in the four cities.

The designers and cities responded enthusiastically to the design studio. Therefore, Iganga aims to organize this afternoon again in 2021, as a prelude to a full MOOC course, where planners and designers from all over the world can participate.

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