Webinar on safe and climate friendly infrastructure in Sri Lanka

The Dutch Cycling Embassy sent out a request for a webinar in January 2021 for the country of Sri Lanka.

The Mayor of the capital Colombo is a great advocate of sustainable mobility and safety for cycling and walking in his city. For everyone, young and old, male and female, and despite the hot humid climate in Colombo. The Mayor supports a local group Ride for Life Sri Lanka. Other cities in the country have also become enthusiastic and have organized a webinar in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy and the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

On May 4th 2021, Manuela Studer (Goudappel B.V.), with the support of Iganga, presented the triple A-approach for a bicycle friendly city and region (AAA in Cycling), based on the experience of cyclists and future cyclists, adapted to the local context. Download the full presentation here.

The participation of cities and villages in Sri Lanka in the webinar was high: 50 participants, of which a number of executive leading persons. There were very good reactions from Sri Lanka to Manuela’s story. There are also concrete questions on the way from a province that wants to design and implement the first cycling highway in the country. Iganga is curious to see how things will progress and hope that with this webinar we have been able to contribute to sustainable mobility in Sri Lanka.

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