Iganga Design Studio 2021

On Wednesday 17 November 2021 the Iganga foundation organized a second edition of the design studio. Together with colleagues of Goudappel and stakeholders from Marrakech, Paramaribo, Colombo and Jinja, designs were created for a safe and attractive street for everyone. This involves a street with good pedestrian and bicycle facilities and good crossability plus any facilities for bus stops and parking.

About 20 planners and designers from Goudappel and Move Mobility participated, next to 8 local government officials and local partners.

This year we took on cases from the following four cities:

  • Jinja in Uganda
  • Paramaribo in Suriname
  • Colombo in Sri Lanka
  • Marrakech in Morocco

In hybrid online and physical workshop rooms the four groups worked on ambitions for these cases and developed concepts for street designs. Both our local partners, government officials and colleagues of Goudappel responded enthusiastically.

Iganga is currently still in contact with local partners in the cities following up on the four cases presented in the design studio.

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