Goudappel inspires children in the subject of traffic design

On 12 and 19 April Ellis van Gorp, Dennis van Sluijs, Rico Andriesse and Eric Vredebregt taught a class on traffic design through Iganga. The request came from the IMC weekend school foundation. This foundation introduces curious young people to enthusiastic professionals in a wide range of fields, to tell them more about all the different disciplines and to teach them that the world is open to them.

More information about the IMC weekend? Click here.

Iganga freed up a budget and asked four enthusiastic teachers from Goudappel to teach 40 primary school students from the school Flint in Deventer for two days.

Rico and Eric explained about the profession of traffic researcher and designer. They gave the children the task of modifying a busy and dangerous intersection near the school. Many creative ideas came out of it. Ellis and Dennis talked about the living environment and the importance of safe and comfortable walking routes to school. And that as a resident you can also have a say about this with the municipality. Afterwards, the children made sketches outside in the street with pavement chalk to make the school environment even safer.

Both classes were very successful and the children got a good impression of what Goudappel does. Furthermore, the students discovered what their own influence on the safety and quality of life in their own living environment can be. Perhaps some of the children will opt for our profession of traffic engineer and become active in creating a more livable environment.

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