Inclusive-initiative in the Netherlands 

In 2022 a project started in a neighborhood of Enschede, where 20% of the families is poor. Those families are refugees, unemployed people and one elder-families. They don’t have the money to buy or use a bus, car or bike. Therefore Iganga supports a successful project of the team ‘Together Twekkelerveld’. The goal is to collect bikes from all over the city (together with the ANWB), repair the bikes and give them to young people and kids. The money from Iganga was spend for building a shed/roof, tools and bike-materials. And a volunteer-professional bicycle mechanic from nearby gives lessons to unemployed young men, so they learn this important job of repairing bikes for people who need it. This is an example of inclusion-policy so all people are able to go from A to B and have the freedom to go with the bike to school, work, shops of friends. In 2022, the first year, the great number of 50 young people are being happy with their bike!

Initiatives in the Netherlands: bike repair and gift for Refugees

Initiatives in the Netherlands in 1 year: 50 bikes for happy young people

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