Workshop in Popayán

In collaboration with “Universidad del Cauca” and mobility agencies in Popayán (Colombia), we had a Workshop week titled “Design of spaces for sustainable mobility” in Popayán past August 2023. In this workshop week, we followed our Mission: we shared our knowledge to promote sustainable mobility in a developing country. During a whole week, together with around 20 participants including university teachers, students, and employees from the Government in mobility related agencies, our colleagues Tania Roel Castro and Alejandro Montes came all the way from thinking about the type of city that our participants want Popayán to be, to the design of intersections/roads to achieve such an objective. We discussed about origin and destination areas in the city, zonification techniques, cycling and public transport networks, principles of design of transit networks, and principles of design for intersections and roads.

As if that was not enough, we also had time to have a nice and enriching cycling trip through the city! See the presentation below for more information about the workshop in Popayán.

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