What is Iganga?

In 2008 Goudappel founded the Iganga Foundation. The name Iganga is the capital of Uganda. We aim to stimulate sustainable mobility in developing countries. Iganga offers Goudappel’s knowledge, experience, and expertise, which we provide for local projects.

We recognize that cities in developing countries are growing rapidly. As a result, accessibility and traffic flow are increasingly becoming an issue and a point of concern. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, Goudappel supports the Iganga Foundation with deed, advice and also with financial resources.  

Three objectives are central to the Iganga Foundation:

Sustainble mobility

We aim to promote sustainable, safe and robust transport systems with a focus on pedestrians, bicycles and/or public transport. In doing so, we are in line with the “sustainable transport” objectives of the United Nations, described in “UN Mobilising sustainable transport” (November 2016). According to this report, sustainable mobility is defined as: safe, affordable, accessible, efficient, resilient and with a low environmental impact.

Developing countries

We focus specifically on issues related to sustainable mobility in developing countries, as much as possible in collaboration with local partners. As a definition for “developing country” we use the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. In recent years Iganga has had projects in Africa (Uganda and Marocco), Asia (Myanmar and Sri Lanka) and South América (Perú and Surinam).

Knowledge transfer

We want to transfer Goudappel’s expertise and experience in the field of sustainable mobility. In addition to knowledge transfer, we have a strong eye for knowledge development.