Mission and vision

The Iganga Foundation contributes to sustainable mobility in developing countries. The foundation does this primarily by supporting a variety of projects with a focus on stimulating knowledge transfer.


Three items are central to this objective:

  • Sustainable mobility: Iganga aims to promote a sustainable, safe and robust transport system with a focus on pedestrians, bikes or public transportation. We thereby align ourselves with the “sustainable transport” objectives of the United Nations, described in “UN Mobilizing sustainable transport” (November 2016). According to this report, sustainable mobility is described as: safe, affordable, accessible, efficient, resilient and having a low environmental impact.
  • Developing countries: Iganga focuses specifically on issues related to sustainable mobility in developing countries and this as much as possible in collaboration with local partners. As a definition for “developing country” we use the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (http://www.dggf.nl/landenlijst).
  • Knowledge transfer: Iganga would like to transfer the expertise and experience of the Goudappel Group in the field of sustainable mobility. In addition to knowledge transfer, this objective also focuses on knowledge development.